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Meet the Greco-Romans, episode 1

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2 min readApr 15, 2024


Robin Waterfield

In this episode of my new occasional video series, “Meet the Greco-Romans,” I talk to Robin Waterfield, one of the top scholars and translators of Greco-Roman thought.

Robin was born in England in 1952, and received a traditional British private education, which instilled in him a lifelong love for the Classics, and especially Greek.

He had began an academic career path when, in 1982, Mrs. Thatcher’s government decided there were too many lecturers in ‘unimportant’ subjects such as Classics, and he was made redundant.

Robin worked on and off for Penguin publishing house, first as a copyeditor and then as a consulting editor, but decided that his heart was set on pursuing a writing career.

In 2005 Robin chose to leave Britain. He now lives with his wife Kathryn in the rural far south of Greece, where as well as writing he has a small olive farm, producing organic olive oil. Late in 2020, a few weeks before Brexit, he gained Greek citizenship.

Robin and Kathryn’s olive farm in southern Greece

Here is a partial list of recommended books by Robin (most recent on top):



Figs in Winter

by Massimo Pigliucci. New Stoicism and Beyond. Entirely AI free.