Well, just because the early Christians use the word Logos it doesn’t follow that they meant the same thing as the Stoics. They plainly didn’t.

I am aware that some early Christians thought some Greek philosophers anticipated some views of Christianity. That still doesn’t make Christianity and Stoicism compatible. Again, take a look at Rowe, who articulated the point in details.

To be clear: I think a lot of Christian and Stoic ethics are compatible. I don’t think, however, their metaphysics can be made to mesh. Theist vs Pantheism, supernaturalism vs materialism, immortal soul vs perishable soul. There are just too many differences.

The Stoics were most definitely not dualists, so that part doesn’t fit well with Christian metaphysics.

I understand your interpretation of the meaning of prayer, but it doesn’t really fit with my experience and studies growing up Catholic. As you say, though, even Christians have a lot of internal disagreements on these and other issues. Including figs!

That said, I’m very happy to have Christian Stoics, Buddhist Stoics (like my friend and co-author Greg Lopez) and so forth. It’s a big umbrella, inso far as I’m concerned.

Stoicism, ethics, and philosophy of science. Complete index, by subject, at https://figsinwinter.blog/essays/

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